Saturday, March 31, 2012


i am enjoying taking a picture every day.
i think it is a very cool way to chronicle my life.

these pictures that i've taken 
over the past 2 months
 really capture my environment
and the big events in my life. 

i'm excited to see how this year progresses
because in a month or two i will be moving
and i can only imagine how different my life will be.
and the pictures will reflect those changes.
and that's pretty cool.

it's also nice evidence of my doings.
life moves too fast. 
and sometimes we forget to stop 
and enjoy the little things.
or we forget the things that mattered to us
because we have already moved on 
to the next cool new thing. 
this is a way to slow down
and remember.

i like it.

1. up                                                   2. fruit

3. your neighborhood                                     4. bedside

5. smile                                        6. 5 pm

7. something you wore                                        8. window

9. red                                                  10. loud

11. someone you talked to today                                  12. fork                 

13. a sign                                            14. clouds

15. car                                               16. sunglasses

          17. green                                        18. a corner of your home

19. funny                                            20. before/after

21. delicious                                      22. kitchen sink

23. moon                                               24. animal

25. breakfast                                            26. key

27. your name                                             28. trash

29. feet                                                    30. toy


31. where you relax

now i have to get ready for

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