Wednesday, March 28, 2012

parque méxico

when i first moved to mexico 
there were a lot of things to be excited about. 
tacos, obviously, being the main thing.

as i lived here longer
i realized that there were some things 
that i didn't know about
that are pretty exciting. 

or rather, mexico city,
has amazing trees.

i actually noticed it my first weekend living here.
there is an amazing one right outside my bedroom window.

but the longer i've lived here
the more i realized how prevalent they really are.


i'm not sure what kind of tree it is, 
and it isn't really that different 
from any other tree i've come across,
but there is something unique about this kind of tree.

it's quirky.
and twisty.

and it makes beautiful purple flowers in the spring.

it has been my goal for the last couple of weeks
to get some good pictures of these trees.

and since last week 
was rcg's last week in mexico
we were out and about all week
eating and walking around,
enjoying condesa.

and i got my pictures.

maybe the lesson here
is not how awesome these trees are
but how we should be looking up more often
because who knows what kind of cool stuff we may see.

ps. the picture at the top of this blog
is of these same kinds of trees.
i took it in november.

i've kind of been obsessed with these trees for a while.

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