Monday, March 19, 2012

pumas football

thursday night rcg and i 
went with some friends to
my first mexican football match.

we went to go see unam play
in the olympic stadium
that was built for the 1968 olympics.

ps. it was very cool to be in the same stadium
as these guys:

unam is the main university in df,
but their football team is made up of professionals
not students.

but their fan base is mainly made up of students
so the stadium was packed with 
overzealous fans singing and
cheering the pumas to victory.

the game was a good one -- 
the pumas won 8-0.


and we got the real mexican experience--

we got tickets for the lower level of the stadium
but snuck into the upper level.

as we were standing on the lower level
someone threw down 2 cards
that get you into the upper level
and two at a time 
we snuck upstairs.

of course. 

but it was way worth it -- 
 upstairs is where the fun is.

we also got to try some cueritos

which, as far as i can tell is
boiled pork rind.
(maybe a slightly healthier chicharrón? maybe not.)

i'm glad i tried it,
but i am not a fan.

the consistency is strange --
kind of like eating squid sashimi
but it is the skin of a pig,
which makes it infinitely less cool
and more creepy.

also, the police were there
and were ready for a full on riot:

it was kind of intense.

and we finished the night with tacos.

when people ask why i moved to mexico
i say because of the tacos.
it's true-- they are that amazing.

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