Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spaghetti night, aka. mexican candy night

last saturday rcg and i went over to a friend's house

to have some spaghetti and meatballs -- 
which was absolutely delicious --
but what we really got out of the night 
was an education in mexican candy.

our friends have two kids
so they know candy.

so we learned about candy.


almond, strawberry, and vanilla icing

you can just buy little packets of icing
with tiny spoons.
like dunkaroos, 
but without the added benefit of cookies
to dip in it. 

it was a little intense.
and totally sweet.

cajeta quemada:
caramel icing
same deal as the duvalín,
it's icing, 
but caramel flavored.

pelon mini:
tamarind and chamoy gel

i never would have tried this one on my own,
it is just too ridiculous. 

it's like a push up
(one of my faves)
 but filled with a spicy tamarind gel.

freaking awesome. 

chewy lime square

basically a mexican version 
of the now and later.
only chewier.

animal's candy:
flavored hard candies

these are pretty boring,
but i can see their benefit --
you need candy, 
but you don't want too much
so you just eat one or two.
you can suck on it or bite it,
depending on your mood.

bubu lubu:
chocolate covered marshmallow 
and strawberry flavored jelly.

the jelly is fashioned after a turkish delight--
it's hard, not gooey. 
and the marshmallow is also hard
rather than gooey. 

so not the best candy ever,
but it'll do in a pinch.

mini mamut:
chocolate covered graham cracker cookies
with a marshmallow center.

it's basically a pre-made s'more.

seriously awesome.

caramel lollipop with chili

it's a lollipop
but not a traditional one.

it is chewy,
and spicy,
and delicious.

it was a very informative night.
and a very tasty one.

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