Monday, April 30, 2012


1. your reflection                                          2. color

                  3. mail                                   4. someone who makes you happy

5. tiny                                                           6. lunch

     7. shadow                                               8. inside your wallet

9. younger you                                                   10. cold        

11. where you ate breakfast                                   12. stairs              

13. something you found                              14. how you feel today

15. sunset                                             16. flower

17. something you don't like                                    18. hair                  

       19. orange                                                   20. something you drew  

        21. bottle                                       22. the last thing you bought

             23. vegetable                                     24. something you're grateful for

25. looking down                                       26. black & white

27. somewhere you went                                     28. 1pm              

                 29. circle                                 30. something that makes you sad

Thursday, April 12, 2012

dallas farmers market

when we thought we were going 
to be moving to dallas
we started to look for things to do,
things to go visit and see,
places to eat and shop at.

i was worried that after 
having the benefit of 
the union square farmer's market 
for four years
and rcg having lived in
in mexico for two years
we would be forced to shop 
in whole foods 
or other specialty stores
where local goods were hard to find
or crazy expensive.

so i was very excited 
when, in the course of my research, 
i discovered that dallas had a farmer's market.

a huge farmer's market.

there are at least four large sheds 
with goods for sale:
a shed for local produce,
a shed for any and all produce,
a shed for specialty food,
and a shed for wholesale products.