Monday, April 2, 2012

el parnitas

ever since rcg left mexico city
some of his friends have adopted me.

they invite me out to dinner,
make sure i'm doing ok,
and make sure i don't need anything.

it's crazy nice of them.

on sunday a bunch of people and i 
(i like to call them the yoga crowd)
went to el parnitas.

i was told it was:
bueno, bonito, y barato,
but the service sucks.

well, the service definitely sucked. 

but the food was crazy delicious.

breaded shrimp tacos with spicy mayo.

effing amazing. 

(for another awesome shrimp taco
try tacos la capital 
on nuevo leon 
in codensa. 

 shrimp and scallop ceviche.

spicy, but fresh.
and totally delicious.

my only complaint, 
besides the service,
was the clientele.

it was a total hipster paradise. 
i mean, there were more ray bans, 
fedoras, scarves, tight pants, 
and big tshirts than i could count.
and i'm pretty sure that most everyone in there
hadn't showered in days.
(it's called a brush, friends;
use one sometime.)

but the food was great.

ps. make a reservation,
it was packed, 
and i've heard there 
are wait times of up to an hour.

pps. this is the first time i've done a "restaurant review"
if that's even what you would call this,
but i have been eating at such amazing places
that i wanted to share.
however, if i have found another review,
somewhere else, i will include it here.
as 1, it is probably a better review than mine.
(by this i mean, they actually reviewed it
instead of just saying it was amazing.
because, let's be serious, 
i am too lazy to review a bad restaurant.)
and 2, because i probably went to the restaurant
as a result of reading a review of it.


el parnitas.
colonia roma.
corner of avenue yucatan,
monterrey, and queretaro.

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