Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the great dominican buggy hunterz

this is the story of the 
kittenz versus the huge bug.

yesterday, while i was packing
i heard a loud noise
and came into the living room 
to find cjb running away
with something in his mouth.

this is not uncommon.

so i attempted to follow him
to get whatever it was
out of his mouth.

(he's kind of a like 
a two year old
or a dog;
he'll eat anything.)

only to find out it is a huge bug.

um, gross.

needless to say, 
he spent the next 20 minutes playing 
with his new buggy friend.

mmb even got involved.
(which is kind of a big deal, 
because she is kind of a princess.)

this was the end result.

not dead.
but missing some legs.

i eventually had to throw him out the window
because cjb would pick up the bug
carry it around, drop it some place,
play with it a little, 
and then get distracted. 
so, of course, 
the bug would try and escape. 

it was getting too precarious,
i mean, what if the bug escaped?


seeing cjb with a creepy crawly bug
in his mouth was totally gross
but it reminded me of mmb's mouse.

although it was way cuter to see 
a puffy, furry mouse in her mouth
than it was to see a big gross bug in his.

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