Saturday, May 19, 2012

HUB restaurant and creamery

i have been to tucson three times now. 

once to look for apartments,
once for me to sign the lease
and look for jobs,
and now for rcg to sign the lease. 

but i have really only seen 
a six block square of the city. 

but it is very cute.

there is a little main street,
with cute stores and restaurants,
and once the trolly construction is over,
it is going to be super adorable. 

and the best part is
that it's two blocks away from 
my new apartment.

on the drive down to tucson,
i was reading a guide book
in attempts to learn a little more
about my new city,
and i stumbled upon the food section.

yeah right.
more like searched out
and read diligently.

and one of the places they mentioned 
was the HUB.

it's a restaurant.

and an ice cream shop.


lobster roll.                                           chicken pot pie.

freaking delicious. 

seriously good.

i'm pretty sure we will be back here.

and then we had dessert.

salted caramel,
caramel pretzel,
and s'mores.

get in my belly.

it took rcg maybe 3 minutes
to make his look like this:

oh yeah.
we'll be back.

tucson, arizona

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