Tuesday, May 1, 2012


this past weekend was a super puente, 
4 days off of work.


 since it was my last puente before 
moving back to the states
i really wanted to go on a trip,
so when kt mentioned a trip to chiapas
i jumped at the chance to join her.

like most of my plans
there were some hiccups.

and by hiccups
i mean disasters--

friday night:

ei and i take the subway to the airport.
we figured this would ensure that we arrived on time.
we did.
in fact, we were early.

we hung out at the bar,
had a pina colada,
walked over to the gate
and found out the flight was delayed.


finally we checked in
and walked down the ramp towards the shuttles
where a nice aeromexico employee directed us
to a shuttle to take us to our plane.

30 minutes later,
after driving around the airfield
we pull up to an aeromar plane.

headed to acapulco.

we were going to tuxtla.


needless to say,
after we figured this out
there was some shouting with aeromexico
to get our flights changed and a hotel for the night.

there was even an apple core thrown in anger.
it was a very mature moment.


after that the trip started to run more smoothly.

the next morning we flew to villahermosa
and took a taxi to tapijulapa, 
a cute mountain town
styled after a spanish colonial village.

plus, it was supposed to have a waterfall
and a cave filled with blind sardines.


ps. there is a little place
on the right side of the main square
that sells paletas.

they are amazing.

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