Friday, June 29, 2012


1. morning                                              2. empty

3. what's on your plate                                       4. close-up          

5. sign                                                    6. hat

7. drink                                          8. six o'clock


9. your view today                               10. best bit of your weekend

11. door                                       12. from a low angle

13. art                                       14. time

15. yellow                                        16. out and about

               17. in your bag                            18. something we don't know about you

           19. imperfect                             20. fave photo you've ever taken

21. where you slept                                   22. from a high angle

23. movement                                      24. on your mind


25. something cute                               26. where you shop

27. bathroom                              28. on the shelf

29. soft

30. a friend

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wiener wednesday

it's baseball season, y'all. 

the nationals are doing AWESOME -- 
regular season record: 43-30*
nl east standing: 1*
win percentage: 0.589*

*as of this post

that's right. 
number 1. 


too bad they are on the east coast. 

but we do live in a small(ish) town
which means
minor league baseball.

the tucson padres.

we went to see a game last night.

it was wiener wednesday.

this may be my new favorite day of the week.

$1 hot dogs.
all night.

we bought a lot of hot dogs.

and then we watched some baseball.

it was a good night.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

phase one is complete.

everyone has tattoos. 

well, it seems like that at least. 

obviously i do.

(you can check out my other one here)

but rcg does not. 

or rather, 
he didn't.

so last saturday
we headed down to the local tattoo place
and he got one. 

ps. there are A LOT of tattoo places in tucson.
i'm pretty sure i can name 5-7 that i can walk to.

and it's pretty cool.

harrison is hard at work.

check out his portfolio here.

but it's not done yet. 

give it a month; 
it is going to look even cooler.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 -- week 25 -- i am a phoenix & rcg lives in tucson with a new tattoo

chicken pot pie cupcakes

my name is rcg, i am pro chicken pot pie.  i am also cupcake-friendly.  hi, how are you?

so when vmb and i found a recipe for pot pie à la cupcake, what else could we do but loosely follow the recipe and cook us up a batch?

it didnt take too long or cost too much; and--as you can clearly see--they were tasty.

but here at the shark, laurel-resting gets old, especially when theres plenty of room in our stomachs.  so heres what we're planning for round ii--
  • the original recipe relies on pillsbury Grands! to feed litters of children.  however, the problem with Grands! is that they expand a lot when baked, leading to over-breading and under-chickening.  this the shark will not stand.  we love our pot pie fillings too much not to.  so first on our proverbial/literal plate is a recipe for a flakier and more delicate crust.  maybe some cheddar/thyme. or buttermilk.
  • thinner and more seasoned veggie chunks. also, maybe some peppers and onions #toobold?
  • CHEESE.  somewhere, somehow--whether its mixed in with the chicken filling, grated on top, and/or infused with the biscuit mix--there will be more CHEESE.
  • i will not fear undercooking the chicken or overcooking the vegetables. i did when doing this last batch; and while tasty (see above), we lost out on a nice stewy filling.

get excited. i chicken pot cupcake, therefore i am. and i am excited.