Saturday, June 23, 2012

chicken pot pie cupcakes

my name is rcg, i am pro chicken pot pie.  i am also cupcake-friendly.  hi, how are you?

so when vmb and i found a recipe for pot pie à la cupcake, what else could we do but loosely follow the recipe and cook us up a batch?

it didnt take too long or cost too much; and--as you can clearly see--they were tasty.

but here at the shark, laurel-resting gets old, especially when theres plenty of room in our stomachs.  so heres what we're planning for round ii--
  • the original recipe relies on pillsbury Grands! to feed litters of children.  however, the problem with Grands! is that they expand a lot when baked, leading to over-breading and under-chickening.  this the shark will not stand.  we love our pot pie fillings too much not to.  so first on our proverbial/literal plate is a recipe for a flakier and more delicate crust.  maybe some cheddar/thyme. or buttermilk.
  • thinner and more seasoned veggie chunks. also, maybe some peppers and onions #toobold?
  • CHEESE.  somewhere, somehow--whether its mixed in with the chicken filling, grated on top, and/or infused with the biscuit mix--there will be more CHEESE.
  • i will not fear undercooking the chicken or overcooking the vegetables. i did when doing this last batch; and while tasty (see above), we lost out on a nice stewy filling.

get excited. i chicken pot cupcake, therefore i am. and i am excited.

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