Tuesday, July 31, 2012

biosphere 2

when i first found out i was moving to tucson
i did some research.

and tried to learn all about the cool things
to do in southern arizona. 

but i quickly stopped all of my link clicking
when i saw this picture:

what is that?

biosphere 2.

it took me about 13 seconds
to realize that i wanted to see
that sucker in person.

of course, the website is very cryptic
and i couldn't find out a whole lot,
but that didn't stop my desire.

then i moved here, 
and as you drive down highway 10
you see sign after sign 

and my tucson guidebook 
said it was:
one of the 50 must see 
"Wonders of the World".

ok, i'll bite;
it went on a popsicle stick.

until a deal came up on groupon.
and then it went on the calendar.

basically it is a giant greenhouse. 
(think pauly shore and the hit movie biodome)

and from 1991 to 1993
eight people lived in it
doing research and experiments
to better understand 
the water cycle that occurs naturally
in biosphere 1,
aka. the earth.

it is a pretty impressive sight.

it has five different ecosystems inside:

1. ocean with coral reef

2. mangrove wetlands

3. tropical rainforest

4. fog desert

5. savannah grassland
(i don't think we went to this section)

we also got to check out the basement:

and one of the lungs:


very cool.


1. self portrait                                       2. busy

3. best part of your day                                         4. fun              

5. on the floor                                      6. chair

7. garden                                             8. lunch

             9. big                                         10. your favorite color

11. letter                                             12. texture

13. open                                            14. building

15. finger                                       16. sign

17. your addiction                                             18. plate      

19. animal/insect/pet                                          20. eyes          

21. 9 o'clock                                          22. upside down

23. mirror                                         24. a stranger

25. heart                                             26. sunshine

27. on the road                                                28. cup

29. last thing you bought                                                30. calm      

31. toothbrush