Wednesday, July 4, 2012

colossal cave mountain park

last week i went through my tucson guide book
and wrote down all of the cool things to do
and then i put them on popsicle sticks

the idea being that every weekend
we would pick one thing to do
to help us explore tucson
and arizona. 

the first day we got an opportunity
to try out our popsicle stick extravaganza
was july 4th --
we chose
the colossal cave 
mountain park

according to the guide book,
there are tons of things to do here.

the main two things are
the cave itself,
and horseback riding.

and done.

we went riding through the desert
with our tour guide jim.

and our horses --

top hat & fern

then we went to check out the cave.



we saw a witch
with her cat.


and lots of other cool stuff. 

i can't wait to pick another popsicle stick!

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