Thursday, July 5, 2012

july 4th food truckathon

when i was researching tucson, 
before we moved here,
i learned that in addition to
having a thriving bike scene,
tucson also has 
some pretty cool food trucks.

then we learned that every once in a while
they have food truck round ups,
where a lot of the food trucks
park in one space
and you can basically truck hop.


the first one we tried to go to 
was sold out of food. 

but then i saw this ad:


we went early this time.

and we ate like kings --


animal farm burger & pork belly banh mi

strawberry shortcake

we explored the neighborhood
and found a good place to sit 
and watch the fireworks.
(there was a fireworks disaster, obviously,
but we ended up watching them from our roof.
so it was all gravy.)

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