Friday, July 6, 2012

vegas baby!

the last time i was in vegas 
was on my family vacation to 
the grand canyon. 
i couldn't gamble,
i couldn't drink, 
 and frankly,
i don't think i understood
what vegas was all about.

this time was different.

tdw was going to the grand canyon
to ride his bike with some friends
(it was way more badass than it sounds)
and convinced me and rcg to join him 
in las vegas for the weekend. 

why not?

the idea of getting out of tucson 
for a little sounded nice.
plus, we would be staying at 
the hard rock hotel
which is known for its pool parties.

drinking in the daytime?
yes please.

at a pool? 


we basically spent 2 days at the pool.

it was awesome.


10 am: deserted.

2pm: packed.

we also went to the strip,
not to gamble,
but to people watch.

instead we saw 
the world's largest chocolate fountain
and the famous fountain at bellagio.


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