Tuesday, August 7, 2012

prickly pops

apparently there are tons 
of farmer's markets in tucson. 

we knew about the cute one 
at the train station near our house
on saturday mornings,
but there are tons. 

we just don't know where they all are. 

well, last week we found one.

and it is just as cute as the saturday one.

plus, it had popsicles.

and since it was hot enough
 to fry an egg on the street, 
we decided to give it a shot.

prickly pear                                                   yellow watermelon

these popsicles, 
unlike the ones at cyclopsicle,
have too much water in them. 

the owner of prickly pops 
was proud of the fact that 
they had no sugar added, 
and i commend her for that.
but don't kill the flavor of the fruit
with too much water.

i want to have to pick the watermelon 
out of my teeth afterwards, 
not chew on an icy popsicle.

all of that being said, 
on a crazy hot day,
these will definitely hit the spot.

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