Sunday, September 30, 2012



1. you, now                                  2. father

             3. far away                                   4. in my mailbox/postbox

5. bright                                     6. every day

7. natural                                      8. at night

9. something you do most weekends                       10. black + white             


11. hero                                          12. together

13. table                                         14. favorite

15. first thing you see                                    16. strange      

17. in my fridge                                    18. price


19. underneath                                    20. man-made


21. sometimes                                          22. up

23. before bedtime                                    24. 3 things

25. frame                                   26. near

27. love/hate                                           28. a good thing

29. errand                                     30. you, then

Thursday, September 27, 2012

october 1, 1991

when rcg and i first met
we lived a million miles away from each other
so we tried to get to know each other 
the best we could. 

we would send emails
and texts
and we would share all 
of our favorite things with one another.

we called them
"fun facts" --
just little tid bits 
that were otherwise
aspects of our 
and our lives
that individually
may mean nothing
but all together
made us who we are.

and it was all of those little things that
helped us both realize
how awesome the other was
and how much we wanted
to be near each other
and to be with each other.

and one of those things for rcg,
one of those adorable little quirks
that maybe he was nervous about,
was his love of comic books.

and for this particular comic book
and it's spectacular artwork:

i'm not a comic book fan, 
but i was definitely impressed.
i mean, 
the details,
the colors,
the action,
the composition -- 
it is so crazy awesome.

so why not buy a copy,
or rather,
4 copies?

(the comic books are the same
but their covers differ;
they show the whole image
split across four covers.)

and then,
why not frame them
and hang them?

so that's what we did.

it's amazing
and it's beautiful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


so i recently did a lot of research 
about how to make a blog into a book
because vb sr. wants to turn his two blogs
into books.

turns out there are tons of programs
that make this process crazy easy.

(now if i wasn't a lazy bum
and actually did it.)

but then jrw had a coupon for shutterfly. 

i've seen tons of people make these books
and they always look awesome.
so i decided to give it a shot.

it's pretty easy.

it's just unfortunate that i am totally neurotic 
about making things look just right.
so it kind of took me a while. 

but i think it turned out pretty rad.

Monday, September 24, 2012

september food swap: the swap

the food swap was a total success.

there was great stuff to choose from:

our stuff -- chocolate ice cream and agua de jamaica

eggplant, thyme, sage & kaffir lime leaves and pumpkin bread & almond cookies

salsa macha (a kind of spicy olive oil) and pickled cabbage in two flavors

olives and perogies and tikka masala mix

unfortunately i didn't get a picture of
homemade dressings,
or the homemade cheese,

and we got a great haul:


pumpkin bread and fig goat cheese

a tikka masala kit that has everything
but the chicken and the heavy cream.

and we had very little to take home:

definitely a success.