Thursday, September 27, 2012

october 1, 1991

when rcg and i first met
we lived a million miles away from each other
so we tried to get to know each other 
the best we could. 

we would send emails
and texts
and we would share all 
of our favorite things with one another.

we called them
"fun facts" --
just little tid bits 
that were otherwise
aspects of our 
and our lives
that individually
may mean nothing
but all together
made us who we are.

and it was all of those little things that
helped us both realize
how awesome the other was
and how much we wanted
to be near each other
and to be with each other.

and one of those things for rcg,
one of those adorable little quirks
that maybe he was nervous about,
was his love of comic books.

and for this particular comic book
and it's spectacular artwork:

i'm not a comic book fan, 
but i was definitely impressed.
i mean, 
the details,
the colors,
the action,
the composition -- 
it is so crazy awesome.

so why not buy a copy,
or rather,
4 copies?

(the comic books are the same
but their covers differ;
they show the whole image
split across four covers.)

and then,
why not frame them
and hang them?

so that's what we did.

it's amazing
and it's beautiful.

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