Monday, September 17, 2012

toto, i don't think we're in arizona anymore.

when we moved to tucson
we were told that 
we just had to check out 
mt. lemmon.

but it has been so hot,
that we were worried
we may die while hiking.
so we waited
until the weather got better.

which it finally has. 

i mean, a high of 99
is better than a high of 116,

 plus it has been in 
the 60s at night.
so really, 
everyone wins.

so this past weekend
we packed a lunch
and drove up the mountain.

it was twists and turns 
the whole way.

and it was beautiful.

it was very cool to see
how the vegetation changes
as you slowly drive up the mountain. 

first it is all saguaro cacti
then some sort of mossy bushes
and finally tall pine trees. 


i mean,
who knew?

and so,
we hiked.

and it was glorious.

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