Thursday, October 4, 2012

a piece of history hidden in downtown tucson

when jrw said she was coming to visit 
i told her to check out the guidebooks
and let me know what she wanted to see
and i would do my best to show her 
as many of those things as i could. 

she came back with a long list. 

and on that list she had the el presidio--
the old Spanish mission from the 1600s. 

ok, cool. 
let's go. 

not so fast.

it is near impossible to find out 
information on that sucker. 
like where it is, 
for example. 

it wasn't until the morning
we were going to drive around 
to see if we could find it 
that we even found it online. 


so after driving around,
and walking a couple of blocks,
we found it. 

turns out we had been driving past it 4-6 times a day. 

who knew?

and while it is just a recreation of the mission/fort 
that existed in tucson in the 1600s,
and therefore mildly lame,
it was cool that it was in the middle of downtown tucson
relatively hidden and unknown. 

one thing I did learn was how crazy awesome adobe can be --
it was over 100 degrees out, 
but as soon as you step inside of the adobe walls that made up the fort
it was super cool. 

and that's super cool. 

they have fruit trees
and they'll let you pick them when the fruit is in season. 

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