Wednesday, October 3, 2012

mt lemmon. again.

since we enjoyed mt. lemmon so much
we decided to share it's beauty with jrw and tlw.

we kept the hiking to a minimum
but we did drive up the mountain
and it was just as beautiful this time
as it was last time.

everyone decided to try bouldering.

we found these at the gift shop
at the top of the mountain.
i wanted to get all four, 
but at $10 (!!!) each
that seemed a little insane. 

i did get
kangaroo jerky, 
ostrich jerky
and jiffy pop.


ps. i don't think the extreme temperature difference
from the top of the mountain to the bottom
will ever get old.
it's a 30 degree difference --
60s vs. 90s --
that's crazy.
crazy amazing.

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