Tuesday, October 23, 2012

october food swap: the haul

oh man.

october's food swap
was even better than

there were almost twice as many people
and there was some way cool stuff.

unfortunately i got there late
so i only have pictures of our haul,
but some of the things up for trade were:
jalapeno jelly
orange blossom caramel sauce
prickly pear juice
plum chutney
cactus dressing
zucchini bread
peanut butter cookies
mexican wedding cake cookies

plus the stuff we got:

    honey wheat bread                 sweet spicy salty hazelnuts

      pesto                                 chimichurri sauce

date & pecan goat cheese                    pickled peppers      

cucumber infused vodka and spiced pumpkin ice cream

quite a haul, no?

let the fattening begin.

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