Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sabino canyon

every guide book says that sabino canyon
is THE place to take out of town guests.
it's supposed to be beautiful
and if you're lucky, there will be water to play in.

this past weekend,
jrw and tlw came to visit
and we took them to sabino canyon,

and it did not disappoint.

it was beautiful.
and there was water in the streams for us to play in.

normally you pay $5 for parking
(unless you're lucky like us --
we got there and it was free parking.

plus $8 each for a shuttle that will 
take you to the end of the canyon
and back;
a round trip of about 8 miles.


so we rode the shuttle
and we hiked
and we played in a pool.

it was a great way to spend a saturday morning. 

tell me this little bugger
isn't the cutest thing ever.
too bad it traumatizes me
and runs in front of my car
on a consistent basis.

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