Monday, October 15, 2012

stop 8

when we took jrw and tlw
to sabino canyon
we discovered a pool
at stop 8. 

it's nestled at the
bottom of the canyon
with a little waterfall.

we fell in love. 

so a couple of weekends ago
we decided to take another trip
out to sabino canyon
with the express purpose of 
hanging out in this pool.

we of course timed our arrival wrong
and instead of taking a leisurely 
ride into the canyon on the tram
we walked the first mile and a half.
(we're lazy, what can i say?)

but the pool was worth it.

it was cool,
and beautiful.

of course,
after talking to some friends
we were told that 
while sabino canyon was nice,
bear canyon's seven falls was the bees knees.

i guess we'll have to check that out.

i'm pretty in love with
how in love arizona is
with smokey the bear.

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