Saturday, November 17, 2012

jump #3734

when i was younger
my best friend and i always 
talked about how we wanted to
go skydiving on our 18th birthday.

it was supposed to be a symbol 
of our freedom,
of our adulthood.

but, like so many things
when we are young,
these conversations were
forgotten as we aged.

my friend moved away
and went to a different high school.

i was a nerdy kid
who spent all her time
running or studying.

so my dream fell by the wayside.

it's not something i ever forgot,
but there was never a good time
or enough money
and so it remained on my to do list.

but a couple of months ago
my brother went skydiving
and this spurred me to tell rcg
of my long time desire.

i told him i wanted to 
go for my 28th birthday.

it was one of those idle things you say:
"let's hang out soon"
"we should do (something awesome) sometime"
"oh man, wouldn't be cool if we did ______?"

but he came through. 

and so we went skydiving.

we didn't get pictures taken of us
during the actual jump
(for an extra $100 each,
it didn't seem worth it)
but it was an

thanks rcg.
you make my dreams come true.

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