Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 checklist

at the beginning of 2012

not gonna lie,
i didn't do great.

which is crazy.
because i am great at making
and completing to do lists.

but i guess it's easier to make a
daily to do list
than a whole year to do list.
so how did i fare?

did i run a marathon?
and i think i may have legit asthma
(rather than the exercise induced nonsense
i was diagnosed with in high school.)

did i climb a v4 in mexico or a v6 in the us?
i'm barely climbing v0s.
thanks arizona.

did i read 52 books?
hell yeah i did;

did i take at least 6 trips?
i went to:
dallas, twice
tabasco and chiapas
nyc + dc
las vegas
lake placid
san diego
new york city

did i go to 8 new states and 5 new countries?
but i did live in mexico
for almost 6 months.
and i went to 6 mexican states:
estado de mexico
baja california sur

did i write 150 blog posts?
i wrote 169.

so according to the list,
this year wasn't totally unsuccessful
but it wasn't hugely successful either.

except that it kind of was.
i mean, check out all of
the super cool stuff i did this year:

january --
we saw

february --
we saw some cool art exhibits:
went to a jazz club and saw a lucha libre match.
and we went on a picnic to bosque de chapultapec.

march --
we went to guanajuato for jj and mm's boda!
saw a puma's football game.
saw a movie at a drive in movie theatre,
lived through a bunch of earthquakes
and rcg moved back to the us.

april --
and took a trip to tabasco & chiapas.

may --
we moved to tucson
and i bought a new car.

june --
i went to nyc for amp's bridal shower!
rcg bought me a new bike and
i started taking university of phoenix classes.
we went to a tucson padres game

july --
we spent july 4th horseback riding at colossal cave
and spent a boozy weekend in las vegas.
i also started a new job

august --
we took a lot of field trips:
we went to biosphere 2,
and climbed A mountain,
i met up with some friends in cabo
we also went to san diego for a concert.

september --
we spent labor day weekend in houston,
saw some university of arizona football
and the walkerz came to visit tucson:

october --
we went back to sabino canyon
and found a new spot: bear canyon.

november --
i painted kindness coins at ben's bells.
we went skydiving for my birthday
saw a burlesque
 and drove go karts.
also, i became a substitute teacher
and learned how to knit.

december --
we vacationed in sayulita,
went to the 4th ave street fair,
saw family in dallas,
and celebrated new years in nyc.

in addition,
i participated in a photo a day challenge
and took one photo every day
for the entirety of 2012.

and i participated in project life,
digitally documenting each week's activities.

it certainly wasn't the year
i was expecting,
but it turned out to be
quite a spectacular one.
well done 2012.
well done.

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