Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 reading challenge

for the past two years
i have had the goal of reading 52 books.

the first year, 2011,
i read 33.
that's not too bad.
that's one book for every 11 days.

but this year
i wanted to really do it --
52 books.
one book a week.

but then i started the year
with the song of ice and fire series.
what a disaster.
as each book is approximately 17,000 pages,
how could i ever possibly read 52 books?

or unluckily,
i got a job that requires
an immense amount of driving,
so for the past four months
i have been reading three books at once:
one on my iphone,
one in the traditional paper form,
and one via book on tape.

it's been kind of intense.

but i made it.
i read 52 books.

in fact,
i read more than 52 books.
i read 55!

what i enjoyed the most
about this activity
was seeing how many
interesting, weird,
diverse, and unusual books
i could find and read.
here are some statistics
about my 2012 books:

by genre:
4 fantasy
3 historical fiction
11 drama
10 mystery
4 sci-fi
5 romance
7 memoir
5 non-fiction
4 short stories
2 cartoon/comics

how they were read:
12 listened to
8 read electronically
35 traditional books

non-fiction vs. fiction:
12 non-fiction
43 fiction
21 were part of a series

the longest book:
a storm of swords
by george r.r. martin
at 1,177 pages

55 books
19857 pages

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