Friday, December 7, 2012

a mexican beach vacation

we had a plan.
it was detailed
and involved.
and mildly researched.

and it fell apart. 

we were going to go on a 10 day road trip
from arizona to san francisco and back, 
hitting up cool places like
death valley
big sur
lake tahoe
los angeles

but three days before we were about to leave
we watched the weather -- 
over the next week
three huge storms are going to converge
on the sierra nevada mountains.
driving will be extremely dangerous
and is not advised."


what a disaster.

so we rolled with the punches;
and decided to go to the beach instead.

such a good decision. 

al pastor tacos.
the best food in the world.

we ate them 5 of the 7 nights we were there.

las islas marietas:
national wildlife and bird refuge

we saw dolphins and whales.


 and of course, 
my trips to the beach
are never complete without
my dead series.


and skulls.

if you ever need a place to stay in sayulita
or want to try surfing or paddle boarding
surf n roll is what's up.

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