Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ice cream & sunshine is on facebook!

i took the plunge. 
i started an 
ice cream & sunshine
facebook page.

(like me!)

so nervous.

i actually started it in august. 
(i was bored.)
but i was too nervous
to publish it.

so i waited. 

and then i got bored at work
and decided to publish it. 

perfection be damned. 

i'm still not 100 percent sure
why one needs a blog,
a facebook page,
an instagram,
but now i've got all of those.

basically, i own social media.

now i just have to wait for the 
followers and adoring fans
and i will be set.

because i'm pretty sure
those people who blog for living
have it made.
and i want to be one of them.



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