Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 -- week 2 -- tucson, why are you so cold?

omg, guys. tucson is so cold right now. in fact, it is colder here than in any of the other places i've lived (va, nyc, mexico). no me gusta. i guess there are downfalls to no cloud cover. of course, since we have no cloud cover, we have awesome sunsets.

since this week was the first full work week after the holidays, it was crazy busy for both of us. i worked all five days (ugh), getting up early and coming home late, spending hours on the road. it's a bummer driving so much, but i think it's nifty how i've been driving the same route for over four months now, and every once in a while i'll see something i've never noticed before, like the stone teepee in the picture above. i'm also getting a lot of reading done on these drives, and i now have a lot of thoughts on audio book vs. book book -- look for that blog post coming soon.

since i am only working four days a week for my full time job, it has allowed me to substitute teach on the fifth day. so this past friday, i spent the day at cholla high school, where they have an amazing mural reminding them to be kind. i am also noticing how arizona schools are like hollywood movie schools -- huge open campuses, with lots of buildings and open spaces. the difference is, of course, that hollywood schools look like the playboy mansion, and arizona schools look like 1950s boring block buildings.

just a heads up -- i had a gigantic blog disaster this past weekend. i was trying to streamline and organize myself, and ended up hitting a delete button when i shouldn't have. i lost over 40 blog posts, and was, appropriately, devastated. then i did some research and managed to save about half in their original state, just with new urls. but there were a bunch i couldn't save, and so, with the help of a pdf of my blog posts, i recreated them using screen shots. they look funky, but at least the information isn't gone forever. (thanks for caching only half of my links google.)

have you ever deleted a blog post? what did you do?

are there any blog post links that you've tried to click on and they don't work?  
please let me know in the comment section below. 
i tried to fix all of them, but i may have missed a few.


  1. thanks peter! i recovered a lot of them, but the ones that weren't cached presented a problem. those are the ones that i had to use other resources for. thanks again for your help!

  2. Oh but Tucson does have a Hollywood movie school. Tucson High. :-)

  3. i haven't subbed there yet, but i look forward to it!