Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 -- week 4 -- days when we don't have work are the best days

monday was a momentous day -- barack obama was inaugurated for his second term, but in tucson it was just another monday off. so we went to mt. lemmon. but since it is arizona, and me being from the east coast and believing there could never be snow in arizona, even though i've seen it, we faced a disaster -- the road to our hiking spot was closed! so we tried to find another hike. we failed. so we went to the overlook, saw awesome trees, and took goofy pictures.

the rest of the week dragged. hard. but finally it was the weekend again and we had tons of fun things planned -- on friday, a local brewery, borderlands, reopened and a favorite local bluegrass band, silver thread trio, was playing at a nearby club. on saturday we had big plans to go wine tasting in sonoita but it rained in the morning (which is unheard of for arizona) so that got cancelled. but on sunday we were back to the fun with a food swap in the morning and horse races at rillito downs in the afternoon.

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