Saturday, January 12, 2013

a last minute new york city vacation

over the past year we've fallen into a bad habit, that we love -- the last minute trip. it's kind of a disaster and a little stressful, but it's worked for us so far. plus, we've found that if you buy your plane tickets only a couple of days before your trip, they've dropped down in price and are fairly reasonable.

our latest last minute trip was to nyc over new year's weekend. not because we wanted to stand in the freezing cold for hours with thousands of people and very little prospect of peeing, only to watch a crystal ball drop at midnight. but because we finally had the time and i wanted rcg to meet my friends and to see my nyc. 

and we wanted to eat.

 when we travel, we like to eat delicious food, rather than go see all of the "tourist attractions". we like to eat our way through a city. so that's what we did. unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures of the food -- there were too many friends to see!

but we did stumble on some touristy things while we were gallivanting through the city:

rockefeller center with the ice skating rink and giant christmas tree

st. patrick's cathedral


 and the empire state building on new year's eve.

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