Thursday, January 31, 2013


i'm not sure how i learned about fat mum slim's photo a day challenge. maybe it was last year when i learned about project life or heard about project 365. regardless, it has changed my life.

for the past year i have been taking (at least) one photo a day to document the everyday things that are going on around me. and it's been super cool to see how my life has progressed over the past year.

i started 2012 living in a two bedroom apartment in condesa.
i ended 2012 living in a one bedroom in tucson.
(the occupants of those apartments are the same.)

i started 2012 eating grapes as the clock struck midnight.
i ended 2012 drinking champagne.

i started 2012 teaching world history and geography at an american school in mexico city.
i ended 2012 working as a health educator at a university in arizona.

 i visited beaches in mexico (twice) and california, a lake in new york, a river in arizona, and waterfalls in mexico.

i saw a soccer game in mexico city, a baseball game in arizona, and played kickball.

i went skydiving, hiking, horseback riding, go karting, and floating down a river.

i went to two weddings.

i bought a car.

and so much more.

and it is all documented in my photo a day.

what does 2013's photo a day hold?

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