Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 -- week 8 -- snow, beautiful mosaics, a rockin' concert, and a kitten birthday party

 it's amazing the art and beauty you can see around you if you just look for it. over the past year i've been much more aware of how the simple things can be beautiful, but tucson takes it to the next level. there are murals and mosaics all over town. some of this artwork is done by ben's bells (like the large "i am tucson" mosaic above) but a lot of it is small stuff on the sides of buildings, in the middle of cross walks (like the arizona mosaic above), on overpasses, and street corners. look around you, art is everywhere.

have you ever gotten a tarot card reading? i've always wanted to get one, so i bought rcg a gift card for christmas and we finally got to use it this weekend. it was crazy. we walked in and told the woman doing the reading nothing about ourselves; she just started. and what she interpreted from the cards was so intense. it was as if all of the thoughts we've been pushing to the back of our mind were revealed through the cards. the cards told us about our fears and our hopes and about our past; it was amazing. and incredibly uncomfortable. when we walked in, we weren't sure what to expect, but this experience has given us a lot to think about. maybe changes are coming?

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