Sunday, February 24, 2013

food trucks at the gem show

everywhere you go, the new food fad is the food truck. it's awesome; it's a restaurant that moves. the only thing better than a restaurant that moves is a bunch of restaurants that move and all hang out together. read: a food truck round up. we've been to a couple already, but there was no way we could pass up this one up: 22 food trucks, an 80s cover band, and the gem show. done.

and per usual, the food trucks did not disappoint.

the twisted tandoor

red goat curry ($5) & chai ($1.50)

it was awesome to try the goat curry -- you don't see goat on a lot of menus so that was definitely fun -- because it was spicy, but not too spicy. and the chai was a wonderful addition; it cut the spice and kept us warm.

lobster cake with cajun remulade
wok char salmon with wasabi mesquite honey glaze
french dip sliders with havarti cheese and au jus
(3 tapas for $8 or 4 tapas for $10)

this was our first time trying the mobile bistro and it was AMAZING. it is such a novel idea to serve tapas out of a food truck, but they did great. the lobster cake was moist and flavorful, the salmon had an awesome blend of spicy wasabi and sweet mesquite honey, and the french dip slider was a mess in the way that only delicious food can be. this was definitely our favorite truck of the night.

sweet potato fries with sriracha mayo ($3)

we have a sordid history with foodie fleet -- the first time we wanted to try them, they sold out. the second time, the food was awesome. and then this time, our third go around was a mix of happiness and sadness -- we wanted to try the sweet potato fries and a belgian waffle. the belgian waffle was sold out (sadness), but the sweet potato fries were think and delicious. and the sriracha mayo was a nice addition. i think we'll try foodie fleet again, but the fact that they so easily sell out of stuff is cause for concern.

psycho: sliced ribeye, grilled onions, jalapenos, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, mayo & pepper jack cheese ($8)

 this is our second time trying serial grillers, and it was no less amazing this time than last. in fact, it was so good last time that we ordered the same thing the second time. keep up the good work serial grillers, and if you wanted to drive by my house and drop off some sandwiches, i will always welcome that.

korean tacos (3 for $7)

we've eaten at mafooco more times than i can count, and everytime it has been great. the korean tacos are made with a sweet sauce, but the self-applied sriracha really brings out the amazing in the flavors. they also have kimchi quesadillas, which are equally awesome, although they are normally sold with just kimchi and cheese, i recommend adding some of the beef to them for a more well rounded flavor.

carolina style pulled pork sandwich with champagne vinaigrette cabbage slaw ($8)

our friends ordered this for the main reason that it was carolina style. and if the noises they were making while eating it are any indication, this pulled pork hit the spot. this sandwich got two greasy, finger licked thumbs up from a north carolina native.

if you want more information about local food truck round ups, check out the tucson food truck roundup's facebook page for event dates and times.

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