Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the gem show

tucson may be a small(ish) town in the desert, but every february it becomes the host to the second largest gem show in the world. people come from all over to show and sell gems, precious metal, beads, fossils, and jewelry. it's amazing. and awful. 

it's amazing because the stuff you can see at the gem show is crazy cool. and because the entire city is overrun with the gem show. there are tents up in previously vacant lots. the hotels are full and you can even go see vendors in their hotel rooms. but it's also awful, mainly because the traffic is crazy and the drivers crazier.

they have 135 million year old fossils you can buy.

they have loose gems for purchase.

there's amber with close-up pictures of the trapped bugs.

and they have huge rocks filled with crystals.

and there is so much more. i was just too mesmerized to take pictures of everything.

what events make your town unique?

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