Wednesday, February 27, 2013


as i left for work last wednesday, the clouds gathered in the distance. i had heard that there might be snow, but thought, "it's arizona, it must be a hoax." the internet said it was nothing to worry about, so i didn't worry. famous last words, right? 

for 70 miles, i drove through some of the worst rain. but it was still just rain. everywhere in the world, but arizona, gets rain. it's a thing everyone else deals with, so i did. and then i passed these signs 2 blocks away from work.

followed by a sign that said it was 41 degrees outside. 

i'm from virginia, i know what that means -- rain. not snow. blizzard, my butt.

then i got this picture from rcg: snow in tucson.



but i didn't experience it. by the time i got home, there was no snow on the ground and none falling. but the blizzard had been here. the mountains were proof of that. 

these are pictures from driving home wednesday night -- you can barely make out the mountain in the picture on the left. 

the santa catalinas the next morning. (you couldn't see them at all the night before.)

the tucson mountains.


  1. Do Tucsonites flock to the store to buy TP and bread like people do on the East Coast? PS Tucson Weekly story was hysterical.

    1. i don't think there was a run on tp, bread, and milk -- mainly because i think everyone thought it was a hoax. but it was certainly all people could talk about for days.