Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 -- week 10 -- a mexican catamaran vacation!

is it weird that we keep going back to mexico for our vacations? 

 i guess our thinking is that mexico is huge and awesome -- why not explore all of it's bits and pieces? this time we went to the gulf of mexico to spend four days on a catamaran with friends. it was kind of amazing. (minus the nauseous feeling while on the boat and the rocking feeling while off the boat.)

i must admit, i was very nervous to travel to cancun a week before spring break season officially started, but this vacation was relaxing. and we got to see some really nifty stuff. my favorite was our dingy ride through a lagoon to the oldest church in latin america. it was overgrown with weeds and overrun with bats, but it was amazing to see something so old, so unchanged, and so hugely monumental to the history of a nation, region, and people. (history is the coolest.)

click here or here if you are interested in reading more about my 30 days of lists.

and a special thanks to dh for the use of your awesome panoramic photos of isla blanca.

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