Tuesday, March 12, 2013

52 lists -- week 10 -- list the ways you can cleanse for spring

spring cleaning. something i simultaneously dread and enjoy.

i hate spring cleaning because, inevitably, you end up with a bigger mess than when you started. plus, it takes time; sometimes a lot of time. but it can be awesome too -- you have the opportunity to finally get rid of the clutter in your life. you can organize yourself, donate items to goodwill, clean up, dust, etc., all while being nostalgic about the things you're going through. and at the end of it all, you feel better. your house is clean, your stuff is organized, and you can begin to build the mess again.

but this list is beyond just cleaning -- it's about cleansing. and something about the word "cleansing" makes me go beyond the simple "clean. organize. purge." it makes me think about my whole life; what can i do in my everyday to help cleanse myself? taking care of your body and mind is one thing that will help with the cleansing process. if your mind is clear and your body is healthy it really does make all other aspects of your life better and easier. that's why my list is a mix of things i can do for myself (massage, more water and juice, exercise) as well as a list of actual physical cleaning to do. here's hoping that all of these combined efforts will make my life clean (and stress free).

what will you do this spring to help cleanse yourself?

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