Sunday, March 10, 2013

52 lists -- week 9 -- list the places you want to go

one of my most favorite things in the world is to travel. i love to learn about new cultures and people; to try new foods and hear new languages; to learn the history of a place and to watch the people; to see the stunning architecture; to listen to new kinds of music and see beautiful artwork. i love it.

so this list was easy for me. mainly because i want to go everywhere. and see everything.

that being said, maybe i should have been more reflective, or looked to where i want to go to in the future, but after spending a week traveling this is where my mind is at. 

what i enjoy about this project is that these lists don't have to be static. meaning, at the end of week 9 i don't have to put my "places i want to go" list on a shelf and forget about it. in fact, since i've been doing this 52 lists project i've noticed that once the idea, or the list prompt, is in your head it's much easier to think about it again and again. as a result, my lists are growing and expanding beyond my initial thoughts, becoming more reflective and interesting. it'll be interesting to see how, or if, some of the lists from the beginning of the year are answered differently at the end of the year.

a tiny heads up: i found another list project, 30 days of lists, so i'll be working on that this month as well. look for the lists with my project life pages.

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