Monday, March 4, 2013

ben's bells murals

if you live in tucson, you know that there has been crazy construction everywhere you look for months. but in amongst all of the orange cones and hard hats you can find some real beauty in the form of mosaics and murals. they are on street corners, medians, overpasses, and on the sides of buildings. they're in english and in spanish. they're colorful and black and white. they're amazing and so tucson.


 the other day as i was driving home, i happened to be stopped at light i normally drive through and i looked to my left and saw the newest (ben's bells) mural in downtown tucson:

when i walked over to get a closer look i discovered that it's part of a series -- three sides of a smalle building have been covered with mosaic murals by ben's bells, with the message "be kind".


it was so inspiring and beautiful. 

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