Sunday, March 3, 2013

eat yourself fat, tucson.

do you ever notice yourself (or your family) going to the same restaurants over and over? maybe even ordering the same thing every time you go? us too. 

so we've been making a conscious effort to check out new restaurants. but we try to not eat out during the week; we make food every night and eat the leftovers for lunch. but we like to splurge during the weekends. nothing big -- we rarely go out for a super expensive meal -- but we do like to try new places and see what our city has to offer. 


every year the tucson weekly does a "best of tucson" list, which is how i learned about frost. they didn't win this year -- they came in 2nd place to the HUB -- but they've won for the past four years. so when i found myself in the same shopping center this past friday i had to stop in. there were tons of amazing looking flavors, but lemon is my go to -- it's nice to have a base by which to compare different brands to. and this lemon gelato (sorbet?) did not disappoint. it was creamy, tart, and refreshing. my only complaint is that there was so much of it. (i know, lamest complaint ever.) but it was just me, and i just wanted a taste, and $4 is a little steep for a small size cup of ice cream. i would just love it if restaurants and stores would carry a $1 mini tasting cup size. 

there are 2 locations:
7131 n. oracle road
7301 e. tanque verde road


Gỏi Cuốn Tôm Thịt (2) Vietnamese spring roll: Shrimp and broiled pork, shredded greens, and vermicelli wrapped in chilled rice paper.

Milk Tea - Trà Sữa Taro (Khoai Môn) and Almond (Hạnh Nhân)

Chả Giò (5) Vietnamese fried egg rolls.

Phở Tái Chín Bò Viên Rice noodle soup with rare tender beef slices, broiled beef slices, and meat balls.

we've been to miss saigon before, but normally we get takeout. this time we decided to eat in and see how the food would look if it wasn't in styrofoam containers. as usual, the food was good and the boba tea is awesome. the portions are large, so we had some food to take home afterwards; the pho makes great leftovers. the service was quick and efficient without being pushy. my only complaint was that the spring rolls seem to be heavy on the iceberg lettuce. the peanut sauce is delicious, but it doesn't make up for the fact that half of the spring roll is boring lettuce.

located at: 1072 n. campbell avenue


as soon as we sat down the waitress came up, put two menus on the table, and asked us this question: "you want to go on an adventure with me?" she was lively, and seemed to be talking about the food, so we said yes. 

then she asked us the following four questions:
breakfast or lunch?
spicy or not spicy?
meat or no meat?
chicken, beef, or pork?

with those four answers she determined what we should each order.

Green Chile & Cheese Enchilada with Red Pork

Silver City Breakfast: Golden Hashbrowns with Grilled Onions, topped with fresh Hatch Green Chile Sauce, Melted Cheddar Jack Cheese, and Two Eggs Any Style. Served with Homemade Refried Beans and a Flour Tortilla.

man does that waitress know what pushes our buttons -- this may be the best (new) mexican food we've had since moving to the southwest. all of it's homemade (except the tortillas) and all of it is crazy delicious. too bad it's on the east side of tucson, otherwise this could be our new breakfast spot. as it is, it's definitely worth the trek. and i recommend the green chile salsa, on anything.

located at: 1060 s. kolb road


we've been passing this place on 4th avenue for the better part of year, and have heard that it's an awesome spot -- they have live music, an outdoor sitting area, and they serve booze. really, what more could you want? it's a cafe, so it has coffee, tea, etc. but they also have light snacks: breakfast sandwiches, paninis, and salads. and i'm assuming they have wifi by the sheer number of people with laptops that are camped out there. the food was good, but nothing extraordinary. the atmosphere is what's up. the small art gallery, the live music, and the outdoor bar are adorable and charming. and the fact that they sell wine, beer, and cocktails may make this my new summertime hangout spot.

 located at: 415 n. 4th avenue

who doesn't love crepes? they are huge, thin pancakes filled with delicious goodies. done. we ordered a sweet crepe, albeit one of the few without nutella in it, and it was awesome. they even split it for us so i didn't battle it out with rcg to make sure i got my fill. much like cafe passe, it is a super cute cafe, but there is way less foot traffic and may be a quieter place to hang out and do work. plus, they definitely have free wifi and the food was better. it was just so cozy, i would love to come back and order a proper lunch -- one savory crepe and one sweet (with nutella!) -- and hang out or read.

apple, pear, brie, and honey crepe

located at: 344 n. 4th avenue


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