Sunday, March 10, 2013

libraries aren't just for books

guys, it's almost spring. which means summertime is that much closer. are you pumped? i am. times a million.
every spring i start growing a little potted garden, but i'm never too ambitious with my plants though. i never have the room. (remember my  adorable fire escape garden in brooklyn?) but this year is different; we're getting a garden plot. so now i have to pretend to be a real gardener -- i have to figure out what we want to plant, when to plant it, what can be planted near or next to each other, how much to water the plants, etc. it's kind of intense. but i'm pretty excited about it.
we recently learned that the library is a good resource for all things gardening. obviously there are books and information on how to garden at the library, but there's another resource there too: a seed library. the main library in tucson has converted an old card catalogue into a seed catalogue. they've organized the seeds into three categories -- easy, medium, and hard to plant -- and then alphabetized them.
the way the seed catalogue works: you pick out the seeds that you want to plant and check them out. instead of returning the seeds when you're done with them (duh, they're plants) you return seeds from the plants you grew. that way the seed catalogue can continue to grow. it's kind of an amazing idea.

so i went and picked out a couple of different seeds for my little garden (not the garden plot). i choose easy plants -- basil, lettuce, tomatillos, and peas. i'm excited to go back and pick out other, maybe harder to plant, plants for the garden plot, but i want to do more research first.

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