Saturday, March 9, 2013

my new favorite app: vine

how often do you get half way through a video and get bored? i mean, in theory we want to see the entire video, but, ugh, how boring. at the same time, watching tiny clips of videos is just as annoying. vine is a new app that tries to be the best of both worlds.
the way it works: you take 6 seconds of video and then vine puts it all together and loops it. you build your video, or "film", by touching your finger to the screen, taking it on and off, as you film different things. then you can share your video via twitter or facebook.

my complaints: you can share your videos on facebook, but you can't find out if your facebook friends are on vine. annoying. i realize that there's a huge war going on between the different social media platforms, but everyone's social media accounts are totally integrated, not allowing us to benefit from that is rude. my other complaint is that i can't even find friends in my phone's address book. maybe i don't have any friends who have vine -- it is still pretty new -- but it seems unlikely because some of my friends are pretty techy.

complaints aside, this may be the coolest thing i've found since instagram. i kind of want to use it all the time.
do you have vine?

(what's your name? i want to follow you!)

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  1. why is milly all wet and not corny?

    1. cornelius had his bath first and he did some serious cleaning afterwards, that's why he's drier than mildred.