Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 -- week 13 -- exploring northern arizona & march day in the life

we finally did it -- we finally made it north of phoenix! 

it's so easy to be content to just explore your own little corner of the world that sometimes you forget to move outside of your zip code. i feel like we've done a pretty good job of checking out all of the cool things in and around tucson, but it's really hard to plan trips to see the rest of the state. and arizona is a big state, with lots of crazy amazing things to see.  but there was a concert we wanted to see in flagstaff this weekend, so it was the perfect excuse to take a trip up there. and it was beautiful.

 it's spectacular the difference a couple thousand feet in elevation can make -- there are pine trees, grass, and rivers! plus, sedona has these amazing red rock formations. (it reminds me of monument valley, sans the desert.) hopefully in the near future we will get even further north and check out the grand canyon.

we had another first this weekend too: bouldering outside in the real world (not in the gym). it was so much fun. we didn't have a crash pad, which you are definitely supposed to have, but we found this awesome bouldering playground, priest draw in the coconino national forest, and we just couldn't help ourselves. even if you're not a climber, priest draw could be an easy and gorgeous hike. 

we had a blast doing this month's day in the life because this time we got to do it together -- we got to take pictures together, plan our day together, and hang out with one another. and, even more fun, we were able to do it on a day that was half new and unique (flagstaff, sedona, and montezuma's castle) and half regular and boring (grocery shopping, dishes, making dinner). which is kind of how i like to live my life -- exciting but simple. 

did you do anything fun this week?


  1. Hi there ~ I came here by way of your link on Ali's blog, and I loved looking at your day-in-the-life post! I live in Chandler, so I'm very familiar with Arizona. ;) My favorite place on the planet is Sedona!

    Anyway! I love the way you use the polaroid frames with times printed on them. Very clever and affective for this project. Thanks for sharing - I am inspired!

    1. deb -- thanks so much for stopping by the blog. and i'm so glad that you liked the way i did this month's day in the life. i have been experimenting each month and trying something a little different. but i think i really like this one.

      good luck with your day in the life!

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