Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 -- week 14 -- spring has sprung with texas bluebonnets and cactus flowers

when people think of arizona, they think of hot weather, sunshine, and SB 1070. but it's not always 116 degrees; we have a winter, and it can get quite cold. it has even been known to snow. but there are two times of year that tucson's weather really shines: the fall and the spring. it's cool at night, but it's super sunny, in the 70s, and beautiful during the day. so we've been trying to get outside and explore as much as we can before it gets too hot (like that's possible). as a result, the past month or so has been crazy busy. so it has taken us a while to get to some of the things on our to do list. like our new tattoos. but we finally set aside an hour last monday and i got mine, while rcg's is scheduled for tonight! (more tattoo pictures to follow!) 

another reason we've been trying to get outside and explore while the weather is good, is because spring has sprung! when i moved here, i thought, probably like most east coast transplants, that there was one season: summer. but we have all four. they aren't as pronounced as in other places, but leaves still change in the fall and flowers still bloom in the spring. and it's so gorgeous.

while i spent last weekend exploring springtime in scottsdale with csv (we were looking at apartments for her because she is starting at the mayo clinic in june!), rcg was experiencing springtime in texas with the famous texas bluebonnets. they look so pretty! don't you just want to roll around in them and inhale their sweet smell? me too.

how are you exploring springtime?

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