Thursday, April 25, 2013

52 lists -- week 15 -- list your favorite quotes

i'm a sucker for cheesy quotes. those quotes that make you feel good about yourself, or make you want to go out and change the world. i mean, who wouldn't love those quotes? but i also love those quotes that you stumble upon when reading a good book. or those quotes that speak right to your soul or your heart; that make you think again about your life. or those quotes that make you smile and laugh. or those quotes that make you cry and break your heart and make you want to help others. so this list of quotes a little bit of everything, except for the cheesy quotes. as much as i love them, i don't need to repeat them here, because everyone knows them already, and it's a little embarrassing!

there's a quote i want to add to this list:
"oh my god! my pubescent nemesis!" -- john kennedy toole, a confederacy of dunces
(backstory: i listened to the audiobook of this book in preparation for our trip to new orleans and the reader gave ignatius reilly the best voice. so every time i read this quote i hear it in that accent and it's just the funniest thing.)


one of my quotes came from this ted talk by shane koyczan. i wanted to include it here because i first heard this poem being read in this amazing video, and then through ted talks, and it is so moving and amazing i think everyone should listen to it and learn from it. if you have ~12 minutes, please check it out.

what are your favorite quotes?

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