Friday, April 26, 2013

52 lists -- week 16 -- list your favorite books

i went into a barnes and noble the other day and i was totally overwhelmed by it. i normally go to the library, so seeing all of those fresh, new books displayed so nicely was a shock to my system. it reminded me of how much i like to read. and how many books are on my to-read list. every time i turn around there is a new book for me to read, a new recommendation; it seems never ending. but that’s ok. because i read a lot, especially now that i’m “reading” audiobooks

this was a difficult list for me. i consulted my goodreads read list, but i know that that list only scratches the surface. just like my to-read list only has a handful of books on it compared to the number of books that exist, and that i want to read, my read list only encompasses those books i’ve read in the past couple of years. so i’m sure i am forgetting some. but there are definitely some authors i love -- john steinbeck, ray bradbury, haruki murakami, robert heinlein, kathy reichs -- and i read as many of their books as i can get my hands on. 

ps. if you aren’t on goodreads, i highly recommend it. especially if you read a lot, and are tired of writing down book titles and recommendations on tiny pieces of paper and then losing them. it’s such a handy website and app.

to check out some of the books i'm reading now, check out my 2013 reading challenge.

what are some books or authors you recommend? 

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