Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i read comic books now; crazy, huh?


remember when i said i was a nerd? i am. i totally am. 

but so is rcg. i think it’s adorable and i love him for it. and it’s starting to rub off a little. 

that’s right, i read comics now. who would have thought?


i don’t read all of the ones rcg does, but there is one that i’m pretty into: saga. it’s a love story, i think; something akin to a sci-fi romeo & juliet. two battling species, a soldier from one, alana, loves the soldier/convict of the other, marko. she has wings and he has horns. and as they run from bounty hunters, they try to protect their daughter, hazel, who has wings and horns. it’s a story of unrequited love, war, child slavery, magic, and the importance of family. it has everything. and it has stunning images to match. i highly recommend it.


this comic is still in its infancy, with only twelve chapters released so far, but it’s already made its mark on the comic world; it’s nominated for 3 eisner awards (best continuing series, best new series, and best writer). and aside from the walking dead, no other non-dc/marvel comic sells better. (i don't know much about comics, but apparently that's a really big deal.)

next on my list: hawkeye and mind mgmt

any other comic book recommendations?