Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my attempt at keeping a daily journal

like i mentioned before, journaling isn't really my thing. but i decided to give it a shot this month, with a twist; i decided to try making a list a day (a la 30 days of lists). because i like lists -- i'm good at lists. and with that in mind, i figured i would actually stand a chance of completing this little exercise in journaling.

i liked the exercise, but i'm not going to lie, it wasn't super successful. i just couldn't write something everyday; it's really hard. and it's even harder to be consistently reflective. i'm totally in awe of those people who find that kind of time or who have that kind of motivation. plus, i honestly think i'm not that interesting. (it's an insecurity i have and i'm working on it.) i have no interest in reading about my thoughts, feelings, or everyday aspects of my life, so my thinking is why would others be interested? i even have a hard time writing email updates for my friends -- i just can't understand why people would be interested in the things that i'm doing, thinking, or feeling. i know then, that it seems counter intuitive to have a blog, but i wanted a place where i could go and look at all of the pictures that I take. and i wanted a place for my family and friends to see what i've been up to without me actually having to talk about it. in fact, my dad has always said talking to me about my life is like pulling teeth, but i think that's just because talking about my life makes me so bored -- i've been there and done that, why do i have to talk about it?

all of that being said, maybe my blog is my journal, or my form of journal. i think that over the past 2+ years that i've had this blog, i've been more reflective. and i've been even more so since january, when i actively decided that reflection about my everyday life is a good thing. but i still have a hard time writing every day. in fact, i write most of my blog posts all at once and then stagger their release. i guess i have to be in the mood to focus on writing. 

at any rate, this 30 lists project was a fun exercise and i hope that in the future i will have the patience (and the time!) to continue journaling, in whatever form that may take.


how do you journal?

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